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PLEASE NOTE : Our office is NOT a Smile Direct Club provider.

SmileDirectClub average cost is about $1800 according to the company.

A remotely consultation is $79 after taking a iTero 3D scan, by appointment only, at one of their SmileShops™ locations.

An onsite evaluation is $95 for assessing your smile. Your treatment begins with an evaluation of your smile (either a scan in one of the company SmileShops™ or at-home dental impressions and photo assessment). According to the company, this purchase includes a 3D treatment plan to see how your smile may change. If it is determined that you’re not a smiling candidate, the evaluation purchase price is fully refundable!

The actual Smile Direct Club treatment cost $1,850 . A payment plan may be available at $250 up-front with $99 per month for 15 months. Then after you complete treatment, you can order retainers to help maintain the teeth position for $99 a set of top and bottom teeth.

In certain clinical cases, SmileDirectClub may straighten and brighten your smile for one relatively low price, helping you save up to 70 percent over other invisible aligner brands like Invisalign. However, only a low number of mild clinical cases with a low degree of required teeth movement can be successfully treated with the SmileDirectClub procedure.

SmileDirectClub company sends you a customized treatment plan that will include your number of aligners and duration of treatment, as well as a 3D image of how your smile will change. Each month, you’ll receive a series of aligners that may gently move your smile over time as you progress through treatment.

Treating both top and bottom arches at the same time is important for ensuring the integrity of your bite and creating long-term results. For this reason, all treatment plans include both your upper and lower teeth.

All treatment plans are prescribed and reviewed by a licensed dentist. All treatment plans are $1,735. Laboratory costs are waived for single payment customers, a savings of $235.

Upon completion of treatment, the cost of maintaining your smile is $99. In order to stabilize your smile at the end of treatment, you’ll need to purchase your custom-made invisible retainers and wear them for twelve months, or as directed by the dentist overseeing your case. To maintain your new smile, you’ll want to continue to wear your retainers while you sleep after stabilization is complete. SmileDirectClub recommends replacing your retainers every six months.


SmileDirectClub (previously SmileCareClub) is an invisible aligner treatment designed from your own home. After being approved for an assessment test, a dental impression kit is mailed to you with instructions. You take your own impression, mail it back, and aligners are customized for your specific needs. A series of trays will be worn over the course of about four to eight months. Highly selected spacing issues, overcrowding, or rotations will gradually be corrected. In general, teeth rotation is possible but unpredictable.

You may start with an evaluation. You can either visit one of the companies located SmileShops™, or they may send you an at-home kit to determine if our aligners are right for you.

SmileDirectClub Insurance Coverage

According to Smile Direct Club company, your local dental office deals with insurance companies directly, many dental insurance plans may reimburse patients up to $500 of the cost of invisible aligners.

Smile Direct Club Vs Invisalign

About the only similarity between Smile Direct Club and Invisalign is that both orthodontic services rely on clear trays to align your teeth as alternatives to metal braces.

The main disadvantage of Smile Direct Club is the significant lack of control and predictability of teeth movement. In addition, there is no access to a dental professional during treatment. Therefore, it is more than 90% likely than formulated treatment plan would not be reach .

There is no personal dentist to consult neither during nor at the end of the treatment.

A sligh disadvantage is that the entire treatment plan depends on taking proper impression molds. Therefore, it is risky, for Smile Direct Club in asking users to take impression molds of their own teeth, as they have no way of recognizing a good impression mold from an improper one.

A significant advantage of Invisalign over Smile Direct Club is that it uses small clear tooth-color attachments that connects with the aligner trays to make it reliable and secure. Without these attachments, as it is with Smile Direct Club, the treatment becomes unpredictable and results become not desirable most of the time.

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Our office is not a Smile Direct Club provider.