What steps our dental implants, sedation, and laser pract ice is taking to protect you and our team from COVID-19

1. We are in compliance with CDC COVID 19 denta l protocols and guidelines for the dental setting.
2. Screening all patients by a questionnaire and taking their temperature.
3. Magazines have been removed from the reception room since these items are difficult to clean.
4. All team members and doctors have been tested for COVID-19 and tested negative.
5. All team members and both doctors will record their temperature and any symptoms before the start of each day and maintain social distancing when feasible.
6. All patients that are scheduled for larger surgical procedures that may produce aerosols will be tested for COVID-19 four to five days before the procedure when possible.
7. Separating patients by six feet in the reception room. Please wear a mask and wash hands with hand sanitizer available on the front counter when you enter the office. If filling out a medical history or COVID-19 consent for treatment form, use your own pen or you will be given a disinfected pen.
8. Accompanying rides are asked to wait in the lobby or in their cars.
9. Plexiglass shields are placed at the front desk to shield any transmission.
10. Air filters placed throughout the office that are proven to filter out coronavirus. Eight different air filters that would handle an office of 6000 sq.ft. are running 24/7. Our office is 2000 sq.ft.
11. In addition, the air and surfaces in each operatory are sterilized by 15 minutes of UV light proven to kill coronavirus after any procedure that might produce aerosol. We also have a UV wand that will sterilize most items in five to ten seconds.
12. We have N95 and (99.9% filtration)and KN95 that are fit tested and level 3 masks (98% filtration), safety glasses, face shields, hair covers, foot covers, gloves, and gowns for all team members.
13. All instruments are heat pressure sterilized.
14.High volume evacuators are been used when indicated.
15. Commonly touched areas are disinfected throughout the day.
16. Operatory chairs and light handles etc are wiped down with a high-level disinfectant.

At office and home, wash hands frequently and do not touch your mouth, nose, or eyes.
All patients pre-rinse with either 1.5% hydrogen peroxide which is proven to kill coronavirus on contact.
For protection at home, we recommend irrigating with 3% hydrogen peroxide diluted in half.
When grocery shopping etc., wear your mask and disposable gloves.

Dr. Max Arocha on Channel 10 news said the mindset of how we do dental procedures has changed.

Each room is now equipped with a special air filtration device, sanitation measures are logged on a sheet outside every room, and any patient getting a detailed procedure undergoes a peroxide rinse prior to treatment.

“So, every time we use the hand-piece or the drill we use the pre-rinse. That’s something new that we’re doing,” said Dr. Arocha.

“If you come in and you need two or three procedures, instead of seeing you two or three times, we’ll see you once and do everything at once,” he said.

Streamlining the process reduces the use of special protective equipment and minimizes the risk of contamination.
“We’re getting positive feedback from the patients because we’re doing all this for them and for us too and it’s raising the standard of care,” Dr. Arocha said.