All-on-4 Dental Implants in Plantation, FL

If you're scrolling through endless reviews of dental implants, we’ll help simplify things. Here at our dental practice in Plantation, we offer the life-changing All-on-4 dental implants. Dr. Max Arocha is your best choice to bring back that radiant smile and make your dental journey a breeze.

What Are All-on-4 Dental Implants?

In simple terms, All-on-4 dental implants are a fantastic solution that allows for a full arch of replacement teeth to be supported by just four implants. They're a game-changer in the dental world, offering an implant option that feels and looks super natural.

Benefits of All-on-4

Need some more convincing? Check out some of the benefits of All-on-4 implants:

  • Natural Look and Feel: No more awkward moments with slipping dentures. All-on-4 implants stay securely in place.
  • Durable: They're designed to last, making them a worthy investment in your smile.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Brush them, floss them, love them. They're as easy to care for as your natural teeth.
  • Bone Preservation: They help in maintaining your jawbone structure, giving you a youthful appearance.
  • Boosted Confidence: Smile wide and eat freely, without a second thought!

The All-on-4 Procedure

Without diving into dental jargon, here's a brief overview:

  1. Consultation: A chat with Dr. Max Arocha will help determine if All-on-4 is the right choice for you.
  2. Customized Planning: Every mouth is unique, so the plan will be tailored just for you.
  3. The Procedure: Under anesthesia, the four implants are placed in strategic locations.
  4. Setting the New Teeth: Once you're ready, a beautiful set of temporary teeth will be fixed onto the implants.
  5. Post-Procedure Care: Like every dental procedure, there's some aftercare involved, but with a bit of love and care, you'll be healed up and ready for your new smile!
  6. Final Set of Teeth: Once your mouth has completely healed and your jawbones have fused with the implants, you’ll get your permanent set of teeth. The only thing left is to show off your new smile!

All-on-4 Implants vs Dentures

While dentures have been around for ages and are more affordable upfront, All-on-4 offers advantages that many find worth the cost:

  • Stability: No slipping or adhesive required!
  • Comfort: No rubbing or discomfort.
  • Functionality: Eat those apples and corn on the cob without hesitation.
  • Long-Term Investment: While there's an initial cost, the long-term benefits in terms of functionality, appearance, and oral health make it a worthy investment.

Can You Get All-on-4 if You Already Have Bone Loss?

Dental implants can help prevent bone loss in the jaw, but what if you already have bone loss? Thanks to the clever angled installation of All-on-4 implants, bone loss might not be an issue! Every case is different, so come in and see Dr. Arocha who will evaluate the best methods to bring back your smile and functionality while keeping your mouth healthy.

Pricing and Insurance

We understand that diving into the world of dental implants brings up the big "cost" question. So let's address that:

  • Investment in Quality: While the initial cost might seem higher compared to some other options, the longevity and quality of life offered by All-on-4 implants speak volumes and can end up being cheaper than other options in the long run.
  • Insurance Help: Many insurance providers have recognized the benefits of All-on-4 and cover part of the procedure. Let's chat, and we'll help you navigate your options.
  • Financing Options: We believe in making top-tier dental care accessible. So, we've got flexible financing options to make the cost more manageable.

Call Us Today to Schedule Your Consultation

Ready to explore the world of All-on-4 with the best in the business? Dr. Max Arocha is here, with all the expertise and care you need. Let's discuss your options, answer any questions, and get you on the path to a radiant, confident smile. Call the Max Arocha DMD team at 954-432-7771. Your smile journey is just a call away!

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