As of 2022 below are our most commonly asked questions on Gum Laser Surgery and periodontal laser treatment.
How long does Laser gum surgery take to perform? (photos)
In many cases, we can do the LASER treatment in one long session of 2-3 hours. Sometimes, it can be split up into two sessions of 1-1.5 hours one week apart.
LANAPDoes periodontal Laser treatment hurt?
No, we always get our patients numb for LASER periodontal treatment just like we would if patients were to get a small cavity filled. We use local anesthesia. Our patients normally have a good dental experience during laser dental procedures. Some discomfort may be present after laser periodontal gum surgery.
How far are you located in Fort Lauderdale?
Our Plantation office is part of west Fort Lauderdale. We are about 15 minutes west of downtown Fort Lauderdale or about 8 miles away.
How much does LANAP laser gum treatment cost?
Periodontal gum laser treatment cost about $3,900 for a full mouth laser periodontal treatment on patients with mild and moderate periodontal infection. The cost of a severe periodontal bacteria infection is about $4,800. This treatment includes the cost of local anesthesia and follows visits. The average cost for periodontal scaling and root planing (deep cleaning) is between $275 and about $980. Periodontal maintenance costs after undergoing LANAP average $115 every 3-4 months. Active severe periodontal treatment — which usually consists of laser periodontal treatment like REPAIR® and LANAP®— cost about $1,000 – $1,100 per quadrant.

What is the difference between LANAP® and REPAIR ® laser gum therapy?

They are both FDA-approved laser treatments for periodontal disease. Both laser procedures are specifically designed for the treatment of periodontal disease. LANAP®: Laser-assisted new attachment procedure and REPAIR®. In addition, REPAIR® has also FDA approval for removing periodontal bacterial calculus (tartar) under the gums. Calculus (calcified tartar) is the source of all periodontal diseases. Both LANAP® and REPAIR® laser periodontal surgery provide much improved methods for saving teeth with moderate and advanced periodontal disease.
How does Laser Gum Treatment work?
Laser gums treatment may be needed when gum pockets are too deep and disease to better remove infected gum tissues and save the teeth. As a periodontal pocket worsen, it provides a greater place for bacteria to live and eat away at your gums. Laser gum surgery such as LANAP® and REPAIR® allow certified dentists to access under the gum and remove tartar and plaque reducing bacterial stronghold. For a video with detailed information on how laser gum treatment works click this link:
How soon after Laser periodontal surgery can I go back to work and family responsibilities?
LASER surgery enables people to get on with their lives with minimal disruption. With Laser periodontal surgery there is a fast recovery time. You might leave the office “numb” but this wears off after a short period of time and you should feel little or no discomfort. A few patients come to mind who, shortly after laser surgery, have traveled, made public or TV appearances or business deals, taken care of children, worked with heavy equipment, performed an airplane pilot, or professional musicians.
How much is laser periodontal treatment?
Each patient is different and the fee depends on the severity and extent of the periodontal disease. It varies significantly from about $400 for a severe single tooth to about $4,300 for the whole mouth or four quadrants of Laser periodontal treatment.
Does insurance cover laser gum surgery?
Yes, most insurance does cover a percentage associated with LASER gum surgery, just like they would with conventional “gum surgery”. Maria, at the office, can help you with the insurance paperwork.
Can a patient make payments for periodontal services such as laser surgery, implants, or conventional surgery?
Yes. We offer to finance through the American Dental Association’s approved financing programs. Call Maria for details.
How would a dentist determine whether I might be a candidate for laser gum surgery?
By conducting a thorough clinical exam and reviewing a full mouth series of digital X-rays.
LANAP gum laser treatment

What is the advantage of laser surgery over “conventional” gum surgery? Are the results better than conventional surgery?

With laser periodontal surgery, there is no cutting or stitching of the gums, and therefore, minimal post-operative discomfort. In our office, we are finding the results have been great.
Are you available to give lectures on periodontal laser procedures?
Yes, Dr. Max Arocha has been invited to present his techniques and knowledge of Laser periodontal surgery to dentists at the World Clinical Laser Institute.
I take blood thinners. Do I have to get off these medications before the laser surgery?
No, one of the advantages of laser surgery is that patients don’t have to stop their medications as with conventional gum surgery. This eliminates the risk of discontinuing these medications.
Will I have a gum recession after the laser surgery?
No, LASER surgery does not cause any recession of the gums around the natural teeth or crowned teeth. However, once the inflammation that comes from the bacteria gum infection is removed you may notice a slight and mild recession.
Do I have to follow a special regimen after the laser surgery is completed?
Yes, Dr. Max Arocha will review with you the suggested regimen of cleaning, follow-up, and home care instructions.
I see that there are connections between heart attacks, cardiovascular disease, premature births, and numerous other medical conditions with “unstable” periodontal disease. Does this laser surgery help?
Yes, LASER energy kills bacteria that cause gum disease. These are the same bacteria that have been linked to a number of medical conditions.
I understand that it is hard to determine the price without seeing a patient, but if you were to compare laser to conventional periodontal surgery as an average, is it higher in cost or lower in cost, and by what percent?
A laser is normally lower in cost than conventional surgery. However, it varies among clinicians and locations.
Do dental insurance policies cover your services?
Most dental insurance plans cover periodontal therapy. We are the in-network provider of most insurance. Please call Maria, so she can check your policy for further details.
Is it ever possible to treat and heal gum pockets as seriously as 6 without surgery?
Yes, it is possible in most cases to treat periodontal pockets of 6mm and more.
Can I get laser surgery or treatment even though I have braces?
Yes, it is possible to have laser treatment with braces. We would recommend a thorough clinical exam and radiographs to confirm this mode of treatment. Having periodontal issues during orthodontic treatment is a concern, but intervention is usually successful and oftentimes done with the laser.
Do some problems still, require conventional gum surgery?
Yes. We still use conventional procedures in some clinical circumstances, but even during these procedures, we utilize the laser as much as possible. This reduces after-surgery discomfort for our patients.