Your mouth is both a window to your health and a doorway to disease! In fact, an article published in the Harvard Dental Bulletin was entitled, “Floss or die: the link between oral health and cardiac disease.”

Research has linked advanced gum disease to serious and even life-threatening conditions like heart attack and stroke! The more you brush, floss and have regular cleanings, the less likely you are to develop gum disease.

Every day counts!! What you have just read should give you a big hint as to why daily home oral hygiene should be a top priority in your life. Because no matter how busy your schedule the simple fact is that you eat every day. And failure to properly clean your teeth on a daily basis can result in gum disease. Bottom line: Gum disease can lead to tooth loss, bone loss and health losses!

You know what happens to food that’s been left out too long. Something similar happens when you don’t remove food residue from your teeth and gums. That’s when plaque forms!

Plaque, a mixture of saliva, bacterial and food debris, forms on your teeth every single day. An every day, millions of bacteria that clump together in plaque secrete toxins that eventually cause decay and gums disease. Let’s face it: An unhealthy mouth will compromise you health and slow you down. Don’t let dental neglect devour your health time, energy, confidence, and money! Advance gum disease can weaken your immune system, leaving you more vulnerable to other diseases.