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SNAP ON SMILE Plantation

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Snap-It! lives up to its name. It simply "snaps on" to adjacent teeth and provides a stable and esthetic temporary solution. It is designed specifically for smaller coverage areas, such as gaps or implants, consisting of six units or less. Unlike traditional removable flipper appliances, it's convenient and simple to place, non-invasive, comfortable and attractive.

Flippers can cover the palate, causing the patient to lose the ability to taste food. They can also exert stress on the teeth that they attach to and possibly shorten their life span. They're bulky, unstable and uncomfortable. In short, they're no fun.

Snap-It! is vastly easier for patients and more comfortable. It can be worn while eating, and cleaned during the night while sleeping.

"Snap-It! is the simpler, better temporary," commented Cyrus Tahmesebi, DDS, and Vice President, Clinical Affairs, DenMat. "With Snap-It! there really is no need for old flipper-type appliances any more. I give patients both options and their choice is always Snap-It!"


Many dentists offer different cost of snap on smile.  Dentist who have snap on smile labs charge differently which depends on the patient and their needs. Its also depends on the requirements needed for such services.Snap on smile cost range is from $2000 to $3500.

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